Quality Management System

It is the organisation’s policy to be one of the leading Australian suppliers of precision machined products & engineering services to local and possibly international markets within its size range and capability. The organisation provides engineering services to the automotive, mining, agricultural and associated industries from its premises at Ingleburn NSW Australia.

Quality managementThis objective will be achieved by consistently meeting customer’s reasonable expectations as to product specification, delivery within the agreed time with competitive pricing.

The establishment and maintenance of a Quality Management System in compliance with AS/NZS ISO 9001 latest edition is considered an essential basis for this process which is currently being implied.

In achieving the objective of maintaining customer satisfaction, all employees have a key role to play by being totally committed to quality. This will be evidence by compliance with the requirements of the Quality Manual, together with Quality Procedures and Work Instructions as appropriate.

It is the organisation’s policy to provide a working environment, which allows all employees to work with safety, and efficiency, and to foster amongst employees an attitude of personal responsibility for the achievement of the organizations quality objectives. All employees are encouraged to promote ongoing quality improvement within their areas of operation and to co-operate with other sections in processing production through the various stages with minimal delays and at the required level.

The Directors and Senior Management of PMP Engineering support the process of continuous improvement in all operations within the organisation.